Dear client...

here are some helpful tips for you to make the most out of our session together! 

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what should i wear? 

wear what makes you feel comfortable! some specific tips include:

  • pick two to three colors as your main shoot colors with one accent, and use these colors to coordinate everyone's look. the goal is to coordinate but not match! i want to capture your personalities naturally. it's ok to mix patterns too if the color families coordinate.

  • if you're having individual portraits, a less busy pattern or solid will photograph best to highlight you and your face.

  • in general, lighter colors will create airier images, whereas blacks and dark colors will naturally look edgier. think about your own personal style and choose from lighter or darker colors accordingly.

  • avoid graphic tees or anything with logos. also avoid sleeveless tops (half and three quarter sleeves are the most flattering).

  • go for more muted colors, and stay away from a lot of green if we are going to be shooting outside in a green environment. examples would be choosing burgundy, not bright primary red or choosing mustard yellow instead of bright yellow.

  • try starting with an outfit you really love and build your partner's from there.

  • don't forget about layering! in the summer, think belts, pendant necklaces, even wide brimmed sun hats. in the cooler months, think belts, scarves, hats, and jackets.

  • also, don't forget about shoes! shoes can really tie together the whole look. some of my favorites include leather boots, sperry's (or other boat shoes), converse, or cute girly flats. avoid things like athletic shoes, tennis shoes, flip flops or crocs.

  • when in doubt, just ask me! i am happy to provide feedback on ideas you have.

For more, take a look at my Pinterest board specifically chosen by me for you to help inspire you! Also, browsing my portfolio (top) may give you ideas as well. 

what about hair and makeup?

these images are all about capturing you how you are naturally, unless we are working on a styled shoot, in which case, we will likely involve professionals! to make the most out of these images, i recommend doing your hair the way you usually would. if you always wear your hair down in loose curls, do that! if you always wear your hair in a top knot, do that - wearing it down wouldn't be true to you. as for makeup, the tip holds true: do your makeup the way you usually do. if you usually keep it natural, do that - a little mascara and tinted lip balm is fine! if you are never seen without a cat eye, go for it. 

as for haircuts, especially with men, i recommend having your hair cut (and/or colored) around two weeks before our session so it looks the most natural and you've gotten the hang of styling your new 'do. 


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at the shoot

if you have booked a shoot that involves anyone who can get a little hangry, keep in mind we may shoot for up to two hours depending on the session. i would recommend packing water bottles and even a little snack or two for breaks. my photography style is to capture you and yours naturally and will work with you to "pose" in a way that does not feel at all posed but instead reflects your personality and true self! my goal is to document intimate moments and true expressions, so be prepared to have a lot of fun getting those to come out!